Redescubre los frutos secos

Ya puedes recibir en toda España los frutos secos más famosos de Madrid

Ir a la tienda

En nutnut disfrutarás de un viaje a través de la mejor selección de frutos secos, que te transportará hasta los sabores y aromas de nuestros orígenes.


Horneado tradicional

Tostado artesanal de frutos secos in situ con nuestra tostadora hecha a medida. Da sabor a tus momentos y disfruta de este placer saludable.


Ven a visitarnos

El viaje comienza en nuestras tiendas de Madrid, paraíso de los frutos secos desde donde enviamos nuestros productos a toda España gracias a nuestro ecommerce. Nuestro concepto se basa en ofrecer una experiencia única al público, donde tostamos nuestros frutos secos diariamente ofreciendo un aroma y sabor irresistibles.

Te esperamos.


  • 4 star review  Fun for coffee and their extensive choice of goodies by the weight (inside the shop).

    thumb Claire Laker
    19 octubre, 2019

    5 star review  Delicious variety of flavored nuts! Carlos was super kind and helpful and let us try different flavors before we bought! My favorite is the truffled cashews and sour cream and onion cashews!

    thumb Taylor Dubins
    29 noviembre, 2021

    5 star review  This is one of the most original places in all of Madrid! They have all kinds of toasted and natural nuts. Some of them are even seasoned with original and exotic flavors. There is a terrace outside, a bar inside, and you can eat food (breakfast or lunch), have beer (draft and bottled) or wine, and much much more. The servers are really nice, and they all speak English perfectly. Don't miss this place!

    thumb English with Raymond in Madrid
    23 marzo, 2019
  • 5 star review  Great Place with great products. The team is super attentive. If you look for great healthy unique products, thats the place.

    thumb Nir Hindi
    10 junio, 2019

    5 star review  Amazing place... Loved the breakfast with dried-fruits, Not to mention the nuts! Don’t miss it next time you are visiting Madrid.

    thumb Michel Jreissati
    28 enero, 2019

    5 star review  Love this place. The nuts taste amazing and are very fresh. The staff are extremely helpful and will let you try anything you want before you decide what to buy. I was in there to get a couple gifts and the recipients absolutely loved them.

    thumb Bibake Uppal
    29 julio, 2019